Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Let's Waste some Time!

OK, so you've done everything on your to-do list, you're all caught up on your sleep, you're in front of your computer, and you have nothing to do? Leave Solitaire alone and rot your brain the traditional way - by watching TV on your computer! has a Beta program that works on both Windows and Mac that allows you to watch TV on demand. Now we're not talking live TV here, we're talking a list of channels, each with a list of already-run shows.So, if you missed a few episodes, this may be the place to find them. There's MTV, Cartoon Network, WB, Indy 500, NHL, BET, and a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit channel! Myself, I've been catching up on Metalocalypse.

Now, if you want original, more current content, check out Miro, an application which is best described as RSS [RSS defined]for video - it can be pointed at video blogs (called channels in Miro), and it will automatically download the videos whenever updates appear. I love the science and how-to stuff, expecially from Make magazine. Since this can reach out and get whatever you can find online, it is a very powerful tool - it can search Google, YouTube, and other video sources. Furthermore, it downloads and saves those videos, which allows them to be transferred to an iPod, shared with friends, or just saved for later. This program keps me thoroughly entertained when I dn't have an Internet connection because it downloads whatever you desire then saves it for later!