Tuesday, May 08, 2012

IPCop 2.0 - Not As Dead As I Thought?

Oh yeah, IPCop 2.0 has been available for a while.  They have tailored it for the Small Office/Home Office space.  If you liked IPCop 1.4, you will likely love IPCop 2.0.

Free Ghost Clone Clones Windows Using Linux!

For disk to disk copying there are a dizzying array of options.  I prefer to use open source and free tools - most Google queries in this category will lead you to Clonezilla and PING (Partimage Is Not Ghost).  Clonezilla is anything but simple, but can be used.  PING is also simple, but requires an intermediary drive to save the image before restoring it - what a pain.  Whither G4L?  Ghost 4 Linux, as you may have not have heard, is any easy reliable free drive cloning solution that offers easy operation.

The opening menus are somewhat intimidating - choose the latest version, select Exit on the notes screen, then input g4l at the prompt.  From there it is menu driven and you will desire to use the Click-N-Clone option.

Did I mention it's easy?  There is an excellent guide to cloning disk to disk at www.oakdome.com.