Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Installing Agris Software on Windows 7 64-bit

I contacted John Deere about Agris and asked whether they supported installing the current version of their software on Windows 7 64-bit edition.  They had said that it would work under Windows 7 after the next update (I think he said R15) but it would not be supported in the 64-bit Windows 7.

Don't forget that there is an XP Mode, and the system runs fine when it is in XP Mode!  Visit Microsoft's XP Mode Download Page and install it per the instructions on the Microsoft site.  Next find and run Windows XP Mode under the Windows Virtual PC Folder in your Start Menu.  The XP Mode initially uses an IP Address that cannot reach your Agris server so you will need to then go to the Menu Bar and Select Tools -> Settings ->  Networking then select Adapter 1 and change it to your wired or wireless network adapter depending on how you connect to your Agris server. 

This is an XP Virtual Machine, an imaginary computer within your computer - use it just like you did XP, map the network drive and install Pervasive SQL, Agris, and the Agris updates.  Run Agris from the XP Mode desktop and verify that it functions properly.

You will need to add any printers to the XP Mode using the traditional methods available to XP users.

Working?  Good!  Select CTRL+ALT+Delete from the XP Mode menu bar and select Shutdown.  Go to Start -> All Programs -> Windows Virtual PC -> Windows XP Mode Applications and you will see an Agris shortcut - copy it to your desktop for a quick way to run Agris without the apparent hassle of running the XP Virtual Machine.