Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Suse 10 has been out for some time now, and has shown itself to be a robust solution for both desktops and servers. I've had OpenSuse 10 for several months, and almost bought a copy of Suse 10 Professional yesterday. Then I realized that Suse 10.1 is almost here and decided that it would be silly of me to buy 10.0.

So I downloaded the 5 OpenSuse 10.0 CD's using BitTorrent - no FTP install this time, I can't stand to be without my lappy for three days. I then put the 5 CD's together on one DVD using Novell's Tutorial Making a DVD from CDs and installed it - the install was completely finished within three hours.

Free Linux Antivirus - Finally, an alternative to ClamAV!

Woohoo! My fave free antivirus for NONCOMMERCIAL use - Avast - has finally released a Linux version for home users. It looks like it has the least demands of any antivirus system with respect to dependancies, only requiring the GTK+ 2.x libraries if you want to use the graphical user interface. Oh, and they demand you register (its FREE!) if you want the required serial number.

Free Windows Antivirus

Avast is also available for MS Windows - I prefer this one for home users due to the ease of use and nice interface. This one also demands free registration.

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