Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Multiple Concurrent Remote Desktop Users on Windows XP Pro

Sometimes, one good computer just isn't enough. But when all you've got is one good one (and the rest suck), you can patch your XP Pro (sorry, no Home or 2K) to support multiple simultaneous logins via remote desktop.

Originally, this was an involved process. Our friends at Sala Source made it easy. Download the patch from http://sala.pri.ee/?page_id=11, install it, reboot, and feel the joy. This is a HACK using a beta version of the terminal services software, so use it at your own risk.


Benzin said...

Apart from the need for configuration, limitation is another disadvantage with in-built remote desktop solutions. I’m currently using RHUB’s http://www.rhubcom.com,
Remote Access
appliance. It’s a portable appliance that’s very easy to install, fast, highly secure, and so very advanced in features. And yes multiple concurrent users are allowed.

Justin said...

So you're selling an appliance that allows multiple remote desktop users to connect to one XP Pro desktop machine and have multiple concurrent sessions? Do you know if this exploits the flaw in Terminal server whereby the host keeps track of the number of sessions by IP address, so a single IP connecting can connect an unlimited number of times?