Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Vista Listens Real Good (Hack, Hack)

I was browsing DShield.org (a personal favorite, but typically only interesting to network security geeks) and found this nifty article. Apparantly, Vista includes the ability to act on voice commands - a function my Mac has done for ages, but I've never bothered to use.

Someone apparantly asked the question, can "Vista listen to itself?" and the answer is apparantly, "yes." An intrepid hacker, er, erhem, I'm sorry, "Security Researcher," recorded himself issuing voice commands to his Vista computer, then played them back on his Vista PC - lo and behold, it took only minor tweaking to get it to work, including Vista opening a command prompt, and visiting a web site - uh oh, better turn off the voice command if you're using a sensitive machine.

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