Thursday, October 25, 2007

I Hate HP All-In-One Printers

The title says it all. They seem affordable, look nice on a desk, and promise easy setup. HP has deceived us. Ink is way over-priced, and setup can be a nightmare.

For the last 6 years, HP has produced multifunction Printer/Scanners/Copiers (PSC's) and PSC's with Fax (All-In-One, or, AIO). Seldom has Windows happily accepted the software then continued to work well without a hiccup. Most typically, just getting Windows to load the software has been enough to make me want a beer. And a hammer. Just a few days ago, I went to set up a AIO expecting it to take under an hour. Four hours later, I had found a solution. It wasn't easy, but once I completed these instructions, I was able to set up the printer and make it work as expected.

This shouldn't be necessary, and is enough to make me say I hate HP All-In-One's,but, they still look good on a desk.

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