Friday, April 18, 2008

EARTHQUAKE! Armageddon in Illinois!

Well, I just felt another trembler - a bit exciting as we don't get these much here in St. Louis! I remember these happening as a kid when I lived in San Diego. I would imagine that my friends in Indiana and Illinois are feeling as giddy as I - will these occasional minor trembles keep up? Will they get worse? I sure hope not - the Earth used to be nice and quiet here in the Heartland, I wish it would stay that way!

Now, after that last trembler, I was looking at the USGS's Latest Earthquakes page, and kept on refreshing it. Wow, I'm watching the news, and the newscaster said that he had the magnitude at the same time it came up on this page. An interesting fact: There are earthquakes as strong as we've had around the world EVERY DAY.

Another interesting earthquake site is the IRIS Seismic Monitor, it gives a nice world map with visualizations of recent seismic activity.

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