Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Server 2003 Dynamic Disk - Don't Trust It!

I have a customer that ran out of space on their server's C: drive. I Googled for solutions to grow the partition and found that Dynamic Disk allows for a partition to be expanded into the unused space on the drive. Great, I have 12 GB unpartitioned, I'll just use that, right? So off I go . . .


It allowed me to convert the partition, but it still wouldn't allow me to grow it. This server was upgraded from a NT 4.0 Server, and apparantly the partition that was created isn't truly compatible with Dynamic Disk.

Just great, because now I cannot undo the dynamic disk and as an added bonus there is no good way to clone a dynamic disk - rumor has it that Ghost 2k3 will clone the disk and leave the partition as a standard one instead of dynamic. Ghost 2k3 wouldn't work on my server, likely because of the SCSI RAID.

So now what?

Fresh install and then copy the data from the old array. Bummer.

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