Thursday, July 31, 2014

Linking a Bypass Code in Umbrella by OpenDNS

Here's a stumper:  you've created a bypass code for a user under Block Page ->Bypass Codes, and as you're admiring your shiny new bypass code entry you note that there is a yellow Hazard symbol in the column under Linked Policies next to n/a.  Furthermore the users bypass code doesn't work - it says that it must be linked to a policy, and there isn't a "link policy" button anywhere to be found.

This situation can be avoided entirely by creating each bypass code by clicking Policies in the left hand pane, selecting the relevant policy in the main pane, then jumping to Step 3. "Select Block Page Settings" and clicking Add Code.  Create and save your new code, share it with the relevant user, and your done.

But say you've gone and created your bypass code by navigating to Block Page Settings in the left hand pane, selecting Bypass Codes underneath it, and clicking "+ Create a New Bypass Code."  Don't worry, you haven't just wasted that time - click Policies in the left hand pane, select the relevant policy in the main pane, then jump to Step 3. "Select Block Page Settings," check the box next to the desired user, and then click Save.


Mathiau said...

Any chance of an updated version of this now that they have changed their entire interface. Who would think something so simple would be such a complex task, who ever designed OpenDNS interface needs a course in UX design.

Justin said...

Thanks for commenting, Mathiau - I will try to update this today. I agree that the OpenDNS UI has a lot of room for improvement. I could fill a web server with observations about its dissonance and inconsistencies. However, it's indispensable to my security posture!