Sunday, January 06, 2008

Fun 'n Games

Cursor*10 - this one had me puzzled. But duh, it's a puzzle game? When I read the instructions, I thought they were an awful translation of the author's intent. Instead, it's literally true. This one really makes you think, especially as it plays tricks with time in a way that can be a bit disorienting. In this game you get 10 cursors, each with a 5 second life. You get points by clicking pyramids. Boxes hide stairs, and stairs advance you to the next level. Low, flat, boxes are buttons that make a set of stairs appear. You get 10 cursors that exist simultaneously in the game world, but you manipulate them sequentially, and the previous cursors replay what you had just done.

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Loki272727 said...

Ok this game makes me mad.....its what i get after workin all day and 10 days straight. You can have it