Thursday, January 17, 2008

Two more useful utilities - One for Annoyances, and one for Disk Space!

Fix Windows XP Numlock Off at login.

One annoyance that pops up time after time is the toggling of the NumLock key when a user signs in - as in, it's off, and user's don't typically remember to toggle it on before entering their password, thus failing to enter the password and becoming very frustrated! An intreped programmer named Doug Knox has written a program that can help fix this, called, amazingly enough, XP_Numlock.exe.

Free Your Hard Drive of Wasteful XP Hotfix Folders

OK, so, you're running out of hard drive space, or you're really geeky and decided to get rid of any wasteful hard drive usage so that you can get the perfect Defrag with JKDefrag ( now a personal favorite). XP_Remove_Hotfix_Backup.exe is the ideal solution, removing ONLY hotfixes, so it's reasonably safe.

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Loki272727 said...

Well...i dont notice any difference....but hey my pc still works so its all good:)