Thursday, April 09, 2009

Cannot log into SBS 2003 and the "Log on to" Dropdown Box is Missing?

This one puzzled me for quite some time - and twice at that! I guess because it's getting late . . .

After reloading my SBS 2k3 with all of the software and updates, I booted into Directory Restore Services, restored the AD databases and such, rebooted, waited while it said "Preparing network connections" for what seemed like forever, and then found that my username and password no longer worked, despite the fact that I was using the same ones prior to and after the restore. Additionally, when I clicked the Options >> button there was no domain dropdown box!

Here's the fix that worked for me:
  1. Boot from your SBS CD 1.
  2. When prompted, press R for Recovery Console.
  3. Once you have logged into your Recovery Console (thank goodness my username and password worked here!) enter the command listsvc, get your pen ready and take note of all non-standard services (I hope you're familiar with them!).
  4. Disable each of these services with the command disable servicename. Since this is a recovery operation, you'll be reinstalling those services anyway.
  5. Type exit and reboot.
  6. Boot back into SBS CD 1 and proceed as if your are reinstalling the system - when prompted that a Windows system already exists select the Repair option.
  7. If prompted regarding unsigned drivers, select Yes for each one.
  8. Wait
After the reboot you will likely feel some joy.

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