Sunday, April 05, 2009

Why have I been so productive lately?

Perhaps you've noticed I've been blogging much more frequently than I have been. Did I start a new medication? Have I been going back to school? Have I just gotten a case of ADD?

None of the above - I've been meditating.

A couple with which myself and my wife are friends teach Transcendental Stress Management. They asked us for years to come and learn their techniques, but I felt that it was snake oil, or at least not worth the few grand it would cost me as meditation information is all over the web and available at the local library. In addition, these are our friends, why should we pay them to teach us something that costs them nothing but time? Well, it turns out that teaching TSM is their career, and getting paid to teach meditation is what puts food in their childrens' mouths.

When my wife paid the fee and learned to meditate from our friends I was annoyed. How could she would waste our money like that? However I soon noticed a change in her - she wasn't so quickly irritated with myself or our children, and this was a woman who went from zero to thermonuclear in no time! She had also been plagued with frequent debilitating migraines. Although she still gets them, they are certainly less frequent and less intense - with no new medications or other changes in lifestyle - what a Godsend!

I finally got up the courage to spend the money for myself to learn. I'm glad that I have - I can get more done in less time. I have laser-fine focus. I need less sleep. I don't get tired as easy when I'm working. I'm more patient. My goodness - I feel like a mental superman! And from what? Sitting quietly for 20 minutes each morning and evening and doing the meditation as I was taught. The reduction in internal stress - even with increased stress from my career and home life - has truly helped!

Thank you, Farrokh and Ruffina, you are a Godsend to us and everyone you have helped!

Gentle reader, if you have read this and would like to learn more, please visit at their web site and get in touch with them.

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