Monday, August 31, 2009

Dell Inspiron 1545 with Vista x64 Spontaneously Reboots

I'm not sure which I dislike more, Microsoft, or Dell.  The two together are an unholy union that literally keep me up at night.  Todays headache comes courtesy of them both.  The Inspiron laptop would reboot every 20-30 mintes for no good reason, and it didn't matter if it was idle, in a screensaver, or busy with an update.  After rounding up all the usual suspects (all drivers updated, 3rd party software removed, updated the BIOS, removed the antivirus, installed all OS updates, ran Dell's hardware diagnostics) I decided to call Dell. 

After a half-hour of Hell because I didn't know that the customer had acquired the laptops at Best Buy (one of Dell's support reps suggested I could only get help from the reseller) a support rep took pity on me and suggested I do a system restore to two weeks prior.  I tried that, with no dice.  She then suggested that the issue is due to some incompatible updates from Microsoft.  That's right, the updates that are supposed to make our computers safer and more stable were crashing this one out.  The support rep further suggested that I turn off automatic updates.  Fat chance, I told her, then I politely asked if she knew which updates in particular were causing the mischief.  After a relatively brief hold, she gladly informed me that the issue was caused by the following updates and suggested that if I remove them my computer would operate trouble-free.
  • KB973839
  • KB970653
  • KB972036
  • KB973874
I've removed the required updates, rebooted, ran MS Update, hid the offending updates, and have operated the computer for the past hour without incident.  I think she may have given me the correct answer - she did great, but Dell is still not on my list of recommended vendors.


Bern said...


I have just purchased a 1545 for my daughter as a xmas present, and find that it doing exactly the same as you describe. This is running Win7 64 bit. Bit of a coincidence methinks. Now, I guess I have a suitable place to start researching an answer.

McWong said...

Amazing. Have the same problem with my 1545 that I bought in Nov. It has Win7 on it. Works fine at home, but in the office, it bluescreened and rebooted constantly. I narrowed it down to the wireless - if I disconnected from wireless, it was fine. When I connected to the LAN, it crashed within two minutes.

Dell support was a nightmare; hours and days. Finally they insisted I do a system Restore to factory specs - it's fine now.

Of course, I still don't know and neither do the Dell techs what was causing the problems. Your list of updates is a truly valuable resource! I appreciate it!